You never know when a disaster is going to strike your home so you must be prepared for the unexpected at all times.  Careful planning and hard work can make sure that you and your family survive a crisis such as a fire; having the proper equipment in place and fire doors installed in your […]

Your selection of a new patio door can impact the interior design that you have in your home and change the entire ambiance that you have with the natural light that permeates into your personal living space.  If your patio door leads out onto a lovely stone porch or a deck where you can have […]

Retailers in Truro recently reported that there were signs that the locals were coming in greater numbers to buy. There has been a recent fashion week which twenty local businesses attended and the week has been a decided success with new faces reported by many of the retailers. ‘Truro Trend’ is an annual event and […]

If you’ve recently been doing research about windows and doors for your new abode, there’s a big chance that you may have come across a material known as uPVC. In recent years, uPVC windows and doors have become all the rage, especially for newly constructed homes and buildings, for a variety of reasons. But what […]

According to recent research carried out by UK newspaper The Telegraph, renovating your bathroom or even installing a new one can add a considerable sum to the value of your property. It is thought that a bathroom that does not require any work is so attractive that it can add between 8-10% to the value […]

No one can blame you for being a little suspicious, given the fact that local gas bills in the UK seem to be rising constantly. Are the gas companies actually tampering with the prices in an effort to make more money? After extensive research, it appears that they are not. That’s the good news. The […]

As the costs of heating rise, are you afraid to turn on your heat this winter? Perhaps you’re stopping yourself from turning up the thermostat and finding your home to be uncomfortably cold already. The cold weather is yet to hit, and if you’re already feeling the cold, it’s important to consider how you’re going […]

One of the things older people worry about most is having to move from their home because of mobility problems. However, there are ways to stay in your own home and still maintain your independence. With the right mobility aids, such as home stairlifts, bath lifts and grab rails, you can continue to enjoy your […]

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We’ve probably all experienced at least one home disaster: a burst pipe, the bath flooding over, a broken window, or did you dabble at plastering that went wrong, or decide to knock through an internal wall before checking whether it was load bearing? When things go wrong they can be the stuff of nightmares, but […]

When you’re driving home from work on Friday afternoon after a long hard week at the office and the forecast comes over the radio and says it’s going to be sunny all weekend, if your first reaction is to pull over and send text messages to all of your friends inviting them to a barbecue […]